Harpreet Singh, Surrey Newton Conservative Candidate

Surrey: Surrey continues to suffer and be sidelined at the hands of the federal government. Though gang violence is a matter of great concern in Surrey, appeals for help seem to be falling on deaf ears in Ottawa. Harpreet Singh, Conservative Candidate from Surrey Newton has asked the government that why is Surrey being ignored when it comes to proper funding for the social programs to tackle this issue. He gave an example of how Mr. Ralph Goodale has announced a funding of $12 million over 5 years for this issue for Saskatchewan on Mar 11, while Surrey was just given $7.5 million, though it had requested $32.6 million to help fight gangs and gun crime.

It was on Nov 17, 2017 that Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale announced the federal government will spend $327.6 million over five years on anti-gang initiatives and gun crime crackdown. Goodale had said that money will help cut down on gun crime and criminal activity, and will support communities, law enforcement and border operations.

During the announcement, Goodale had called the gang situation deeply troubling and had said that the problem does really stretch, in one way or another, across the country but there are areas where the risk is more intense. He had assured that “Communities like Surrey which have historically had a very significant challenge in this regard will be a priority”.

On Jan 22, 2019 when the announcement for $7.5 million for Surrey was announced, community-based anti-crime group, Wake Up Surrey had said that the announcement is a positive step but much more funding is needed.

Harpreet pointed out that the community had lost over 230 people to gang violence but despite the assurance given by Mr. Goodale to keep Surrey in his list of priority, Surrey had just been provided a meagre $7.5 million to tackle this issue. He demanded from the present Liberal MP’s as to why was Surrey not receiving proper funding? He demanded that more money needed to be given immediately to Surrey to effectively fight gun violence.