(PG) **
Doctor Yes!

Medical care is something to be cherished. And a necessity of life. Accidents do happen so a doctor turns out to be in high demand in the dramatic Survive The Night. From VVS Films this shocker is now available on video on demand for ordering through your local cable carrier or internet provider.
Crime does not pay. Under most cases bandits wind up behind bars. Sometimes in the commission of a crime things don’t go exactly as planned. When injuries confront a pair of felons they seek out medical aid. Late at night the pair descend on a doctors residence out in A secluded enclave. What follows is a reign of terror not for for the faint of heart.
Iranian Born Director Matt Eskandari helms this pretty standard hostage taking caper that has all  the requisite confrontations and terror meted out by the bad guys against the Innocent  surprised residents. Yes, the claustrophobic atmosphere of playing cat and mouse in this confined space does offer a degree of tension. And the actual medical care looks realistic with the requisite gore. But these strengths can’t take overcome  the standard storyline  we’ve seen done before so a sense of deja vu sets in,
Oh, and let’s not forget that good old Bruce Willis is on hand as the family patriarch out to put a stop to the mayhem. We’ll see. Shot mostly in  a nighttime setting Sometimes it’s hard to make out what’s going on
Survive the Night  is  mostly for die hard Bruce  Willis fans. done on a relatively low budget. Small time crooks do their thing with the usual problems developing over the course of  a tumultuous evening of confrontation.

By Shirl Hollenberg