Strikes are popular in baseball and bowling. Less so in labor disputes. Get your freak on because it’s game on in the wild and wacky The Jesus Rolls. Flamboyant with a capital F and thought to be a follow-up to midnight classic The Big Lebowski this guilty pleasure is cut from the same cloth and deserves to be seen. Enjoy the fun in this snappy lark at Vancouver’s ever popular neighborhood friendly Rio Theatre – the little theatre that can and does offer engaging entertainment.
With a really fun first class cast the film flows the exploits of a con on the lam. Check that, this cat is a recent parolee. Whether or not our former felon can walk the straight and narrow is just part of the fun as we are taken on a very unwieldy ride that’s as bumpy and funny as it gets. Up to no good and unbridled fun is the charming as always John Turturro who directs a cast of crazies.
Besides directing Turturro acts up a storm as messed up bad guy Jesus Quintana. Now out this con from the cold teams up with best bud Petey and the pair go off on a rowdy road trip. Going along for the ride is tag team pal Bobby Canavalle. By hook or by crook this pair wind up in lots of trouble more often that not involving the feminine sex. Some raunchy and robberies create a chaotic cocktail in this boisterous and totally off the wall traveling crime spree.
Turturro has lots of fun with this unique character and so will audiences. You get a real sense of all these crazy people and emphasize with them. The Jesus Rolls drags a touch but it is bolstered by a great cast including Susan Sarandon, Jon Hamm and Audrey Tautou who simply will  charm you silly.
Original, funny and worth your time take a chance and give The Jesus Rolls a chance. Playing at The Rio.

Rio Theatre.
Friday, Feb. 28, 11:30 pm
Tuesday, March 3, 9:30 pm