shivteg singh 2The woman denies role of Shivteg Singh, blames Ranjit Singh

The Gurudwara says its mere a tussle of two groups 

Surrey: A new twist in Sikh preacher Shivteg Singh controversy has come to light. The woman whom with Sikh missionary`s name was associated in controversy has asked for an independent inquiry and blamed a man Ranjit Singh for conspiring to tarnish her dignity after she rejected Ranjit`s proposal.

In May, news went viral on social media that Shivteg Singh, a Sikh preacher was expelled from the Gurudwara premises after he was allegedly caught in an illicit relationship with woman. In reply to Asian Journal`s query on the matter, an official email from Ontario Khalsa Darbar (Dixie Gurdwara) says that the matter was just tussle of two groups visiting Gurudwara and both Groups are (Jathas) being sent back home. In the letter Gurudwara committee urged not to make confusion among Sikh Sangat.

Now, a letter from the woman with whom Shivteg Singh`s name connected in the controversy says that she is relative of Shivteg  and blamed a man named Ranjit Singh, who was also visiting Dixie Gurudwara with a raagi Jatha, for creating controversy.

The woman was visiting the Gurdwara with a Dhadi (bard) group, said she had been living in a house near Gurdwara premises where she and other women were serving kitchen duties for the religious preachers and missionaries were staying.

She has denied all allegations about her and Shivteg Singh and blamed Tabla Vaadak Ranjit Singh and Gurpreet Singh for making false story to maligned her dignity to achieve their vested interests.

She along with women Dhadi jatha (bard group) visited Dixie Gurudwara, Toronto from Punjab. Another group (Raagi Jatha) along with a member Ranjit Singh was living in same house where her group was staying. In same compound Sikh missionary Shivteg Singh was also living. The woman accused Ranjit Singh that he twice tried to abuse her. Once when she was performing religious duties and again when she was serving in kitchen. The woman said Ranjit Singh felt sorry for his deed and she forgot the incident. But she never thought that Ranjit may take revenge. Ultimately, Ranjit tried to tarnish her dignity by attributing her name with Shivteg Singh.

The woman said that this letter was also with Dixie Gurudwara Committee and the committee given her a clean chit.

The woman left Canada and is now back in her hometown in Jalandhar district of Punjab. In her letter, she said that being born and raised in a Taksali family she believe in preaching Guru`s teachings and can’t even think of illicit relationship with someone.

She expressed that she is in mental trauma and pain.

She urged Ontario Khalsa Darbar committee to conduct an inquiry and punish those who are involved in defaming a female`s dignity for their vested interests. She demanded inquiry regarding aim of the group behind creating this controversy.

Shivteg Singh told Asian Journal that the woman is his relative and claimed Gurudwara Ontario Khalsa Darbar has given him clean chit.