VICTORIA: Wireless network high-speed internet access (Wi-Fi) is now available to the public at 27 courthouse locations around the province.

The free service will allow all courthouse users – including defence and civil counsel, and self-represented litigants – to have better access to public networks to support court activities. It can be accessed with any Wi-Fi enabled device within the confines of a court location.

The Wi-Fi service is provided by the court services branch, in collaboration with the superior courts, Office of the Chief Judge, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, facilities manager Brookfield GIS Workplace Solutions Inc., and Shaw Communications Inc.

Government will continue to work on expanding these services to other courthouse locations as infrastructure improvements are made.

Current Shaw clients can access Shaw Open, while Shaw Guest services are available for courthouse attendees who are not Shaw clients, once they have created a free user account.

Court rules around recording, filming, photography and cell phone use remain unchanged.