The Canadian Press

Winnipeg: The lawyer for a Winnipeg woman accused of hiding the remains of six dead infants in a storage locker says she had least ten legal abortions.

Defence lawyer Greg Brodsky told court Andrea Giesbrecht had the abortions over a 17-year period from 1994 to 2011.

He says she had two in 2009.

Giesbrecht, who is 42, is charged with concealment after infant remains were found inside a storage locker she was renting in October 2014.

No one has been able to say how long the remains may have been there or how they got there and it’s unclear how the information about the abortions relates to the remains.

Prosecutors filed medical records for Giesbrecht as evidence and also filed medical records that say Giesbrecht’s husband had a vasectomy in 2011.

A DNA expert is expected to testify this afternoon.

A police officer told court on Tuesday that the locker contained two plastic tote containers and three pails, each containing human remains in different stages of decomposition.