Victoria –  NDP MLAS and member of the official opposition as members of the B.C Legislature stood this week to support communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jagrup Brar MLA for Surrey Fleetwood said, “There is no doubt COVID-19 has impacted and continues to impact all of us. British Columbians continue to struggle during this challenging time. People are worried about their health and about their future. When the pandemic hit our province last spring, our government promised British Columbians that we would be there for them for as long as it takes to recover. That promise stands today, tomorrow and forever. We will continue to listen to public health officials, help those on the front lines and support families and businesses as we make it through this current wave of COVID-19 and as vaccines bring better days ahead.”

Brar also said, When COVID-19 first struck, the province moved very quickly to provide relief for renters, middle-class families, hard-hit small businesses and the most vulnerable people. Over $10 billion in COVID-19 relief and recovery programs has been invested in programs include. Up to 3.7 million British Columbians are eligible for the recovery benefit. Individuals can apply to receive up to $500 and families up to $1,000. The emergency benefit for workers provided a $1,000 payment to people who lost their income due to COVID-19. Over half a million British Columbians have received this tax-free payment so far.

Jinny Sims, MLA for Surrey Panorama  said. “The good news is that our provincial vaccination plan is now underway. It is being distributed to all British Columbians as quickly and safely as possible, beginning with those most at risk. We can finally see the finish line in sight. Over 1.5 million people in B.C. have already received their first vaccine, with thousands more getting it every day. Supporting communities — that is our job. We get elected not to just come to Victoria and have debates in here but so that the actions we take when we sit in this House will help to support individuals and our communities.”

Sims added, “I want to say and do a huge shout-out to our communities right across this province. They are in a marathon. I’ve heard this word used a few times today, but it’s a marathon that we thought was maybe only going to be one or two months in length. That has now gone on into its 15th month. It’s a marathon that has brought out the best in British Columbians. It has shown our resilience, whether it’s in the north, whether it’s in the centre, whether it’s on the Island or whether it’s in the Lower Mainland. Our resilience has been evident.”