Ian Paton
Ian Paton

Delta: With local families set to return to their school and work routines, there will be more congestion through the Massey Tunnel- with no replacement plans in sight for this aging, seismically-unsafe structure.

That’s because Transportation Minister Claire Trevena has chosen to sit on a tunnel report that she commissioned, all summer long.

“Now that summer is winding down and darker, wetting conditions are looming, I sure hope residents in my community and beyond finally get some answers as to when the NDP intends to resolve B.C.’s worst bottleneck,” says Ian Paton, MLA for Delta South. “Their frustration will only grow as back-to-school traffic volumes grow in the coming weeks.”

If the NDP had stuck to the former BC Liberal government’s plan to build a new bridge and stayed on the schedule that was set for the project, we would be more than a year into construction with the foundations about 20 per cent complete.

“Motorists could be seeing construction underway on a replacement for the tunnel but instead, piles of sand lay idle by the side of the road and there isn’t a worker in sight,” says Jas Johal, MLA for Richmond-Queensborough. “People living south of the Fraser as well as commercial truck drivers have been asking for a solution for years. How much longer will the NDP make them wait?”

As the fall session of the Legislature approaches, BC Liberal MLAs will continue to press the Minister for a solution to this unresolved transportation issue.