Mystery Man!

Out of sight out of mind. See a true out of body experience take hold of a man on the move in the sensational Spiritwalker. Escapist in nature be prepared for murderous mayhem in this modern thriller from Well Go USA Entertainment just out on dvd and Blu-ray and various on line on demand services.
From Korea with love comes this Adrenalin pumped escapade. Look for insurance premiums to go sky high when a car crash sees one unlucky occupant left with a rather perplexing problem. Never mind some aches and pains. This man becomes a victim in a deadly cat and mouse hunt and be hunted game when every twelve hours his psychological make-up changes giving rise to a new personality with the rather “reflective” problems that this generates. Ouch!
Trapped in the same body but with a different mind the chase is on to get at the truth and solve this dilemma. Able to come to the rescue and rise to the occasion is director/writer Jae-geun Yoon who challenges not only Mr. Nobody’s senses but those of audiences as well. Yes, it’s hard to keep track of all the divergent twists and turns here as our hero/victim falls prey to various gangsters and femme fatales as he ( and we) try to make sense of it all.
Fresh, fun and dare I say feasible – no that would be quite the stretch – Spiritwalker is a blend of what if situations sure to keep you intrigued – and on edge.