By Shirl Hollenberg
Hollywood - backcountry - AJ 18 sept 2015Outdoor enthusiasts are bound to think twice about venturing into the great outdoors after they see Backcountry Beauty aside this murky thriller explores the dangers urbanites face when dealing with the elements. Presented by D Films Backcountry is now showing at select Cineplex Odeon Theatres around B.C.
Happy trails is the plan proposed by urban dweller Alex to lady love Jenn. Take charge guy Jeff Roop does a good selling job on Missy Peregrym as the dynamic duo get their backpacks and head to one of his old provincial park wandering grounds. Cavalier and a so-called expert on the secluded trails it doesn’t take too long for both people to find they lost and all alone. Cue the emotions peaking and heartbeats racing as tempers become frayed.
Mother Nature can be strange, perplexing and even downright hostile Encounters with local wildlife make for trying times as these brave souls endure all sorts of hardship in an effort to survive. Director/writer Dave MacDonald does get off a few scares and tense moments. Based on a true story if there’s a message to this film it’s to always be prepared when walking off the beaten path.