Vancouver: The dawn of 2015 marks 1st anniversary of, a website that connects Desi food lovers with all-things-food; recipes, restaurants, deals, food news & reviews.

Within a year, Best Desi Food has become the foremost destination for foodies of South Asian origin, a.k.a. Desi Foodies, as it is the only platform that connects food enthusiasts with the joy of cooking and dining out. Thus the website has content for both men and women. Best Desi Food presents 100s of popular and easy-to-make recipes by renowned chefs from around the world, with more added every day, that are liked and sought by people of South Asian & the Mid-East origin. It also provides information and reviews on restaurants serving food of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chinese-Hakka and the Middle East, including halal, vegetarian and fusion food.

A Best Desi Food spokesperson informed that the restaurants upload deals and promotional offers for free on the website. This facilitates the diners looking for food deals & restaurants get timely information. She explained that the website is interactive with engaged audience, as the visitors leave comments, rate recipes and dining experiences, and subscribe to newsletter. The spokesperson added that Best Desi Food website is supported by a robust social media activation that includes a Facebook page, Pinterest board, LinkedIn, a blog called Health Matters, Twitter and the newsletter.

Keeping in view the tremendous response, now aims to expand its reach for the benefit of its advertisers by launching a thematic advertising campaign to drive traffic and maintain its strategic advantage.