Mayor Doug McCallum

Surrey: The City of Surrey is the only major metropolitan area of its size in Canada that does not have its own municipal police service. Just as Surrey has evolved and city infrastructure has grown with it, Mayor and Council are taking steps to advance how policing will be delivered in this city with the creation of a Surrey Police Department.

An important next step in ensuring a timely and orderly transition has been initiated, with a request for technical assistance from the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Department (VPD).  Both cities will now work to develop a partnership agreement.

“The Vancouver Police Department is internationally recognized as a best-practice, evidence-based police service and the City of Surrey would like to create a similar model that takes a leading-edge approach to preventing and solving crime and social issues that impact our communities,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “What Vancouver and its police department bring to the table are experience and knowledge that will help us create, in short order, a police department that meets the needs of our city and ensures the safety and security of all Surrey residents.”

The City of Surrey is interested in leveraging the expertise of the City of Vancouver with the legal and financial issues related to policing. The City also wishes to leverage the VPD’s expertise on strategic planning, the development of a transition plan, and building an operational policing model. This will allow for the efficient and effective delivery of policing services as Surrey transitions to a municipal police department.

“It is important we do all we can to fight crime across the region,” said Mayor Kennedy Stewart. “On behalf of the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Police Board, I have confirmed our interest and willingness to explore a formal partnership to support Surrey’s implementation of a municipal police department.”

Paul Mochrie, Deputy City Manager for the City of Vancouver will work with Terry Waterhouse, the General Manager of Policing Transition for the City of Surrey, on the development of a draft partnership agreement.