Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson

Vancouver: With Say Anything John Horgan confirming he won’t discuss issues until after the election, Today’s BC Liberal candidate Andrew Wilkinson says the BC NDP must be honest with voters.

“Elections are exactly when British Columbians expect and deserve to hear from those who want to lead,” said Wilkinson. “For John Horgan to simply brush off these questions and say wait till after the election is simply stunning. Now is the time to talk, John. Now is the time to be honest with voters about your reckless spending and tax hikes. Now is the time to tell everyone why you won’t defend B.C. workers.”

Speaking to the Vancouver Sun editorial board, when pressed for details on how he’d pay for BC NDP promises, Horgan said: “I don’t think at this point in an election campaign is the time to determine those issues.”

This is part of a disturbing trend for Horgan, who is keeping secret the BC NDP’s true intentions.

During the televised leader’s debate, Horgan resolutely refused to answer moderator Jennifer Burke’s on whether he would promise no other tax increases under a BC NDP government.

He has repeatedly rebuffed his own candidates on how he would pay for his MSP promise; his candidates have said it will be rolled into income tax, but Horgan won’t tell voters the truth on the issue.

When asked how he would pay for his toll promise, Horgan told the Maple Ridge News: “We’ll see what happens in three years.”

And on the issue of protecting and defending B.C. workers, Horgan’s response to negotiating a new softwood deal was ‘good luck with that’ and his biggest donor has tried to shut down the aluminum mill in Kitimat, a paper mill and stood by U.S. President Donald Trump as he attacked Canadian workers.

“John Horgan is keeping secrets, he knows which taxes he’s going to jack up to pay for $6 billion in uncosted spending promises. He’s just not telling you,” said Wilkinson.

“His reckless schemes would see a massive rise in tax rates, driving investment and jobs away from British Columbia.

“Only Today’s BC Liberals have a plan to protect and defend jobs, control spending and grow the economy. We’re going to freeze income tax rates, freeze the carbon tax and provide a $900 million tax break for the middle class. That’s our plan – what are John Horgan and the BC NDP hiding from you?”