By Shirl Hollenberg

IMG_0857Fall usually ushers in More serious dramatic there. Right up there with the best of the is Grandma. Tolerant Metro Vancouver should welcome this superbly acted movie that touches on a variety of important issues. Blessed with a superb cast this eye-opener from Sony Pictures Classics is now impressing open-minded people at the International Village Cinemas.
Health touches people in a variety of ways. The touch issue of abortion leads to family turmoil in a variety of ways. Young girl Sage is a girl in a bind. Thinking fast is not easy so a shell-shocked Julia Garner decides to call in Some family help. Older is better for the confused girl so she “drops in” on grandmother Elle. Television veteran Lilly Tomlin turns in e performance of a lifetime as the love weary call it as she sees it aging wonder. Out the window goes political correctness as we are led on a merry chase to try to come to terms with an unwanted pregnancy.
Outstanding performances by Tomlin and the entire cast make Grandma both thought-provoking, insightful and endearing. Director Paul Weitz successfully dodges the traps of moralizing when touching on a variety of important social issues. What we’re left with is watching three grown women deal with the most important of all issues. Just a great cast further bolstered by Marcia Gay Harden and Sam Elliott make this emotion driven movie a must see.