ModiNew Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after completing one month in office, said in a blog that his government faced allegations “less than 100 hours” after taking charge and that deprived him of a long honeymoon period.

“Previous governments had the luxury of extending ‘honeymoon period’ up to a hundred days and even beyond. Not unexpectedly I don’t have any such luxury. Forget hundred days; the series of allegations began in less than a hundred hours,” he wrote.

The new government’s 30 days have been marked not just by a different style of functioning but also controversial moves to replace UPA appointees among bureaucrats and state governors.

Mr Modi said in the blog, “A big challenge I am facing in Delhi is to convey to a select group of people about our sincerity to bring positive change in this country. These are people who are both within and outside the government system.”