Cupid Choice!

Holiday comes early by way of Last Christmas. Get in the festive season by seeing this sugary Universal Pictures release. Fans of the ever popular Hallmark Channel and romance aficionados will get a kick of this romantic heartwarming adventure now lighting fires at Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres, across B.C.
Chemistry means everything for love stories – whether in real life or on the silver screen. Funny man director Paul Feig (Spy) is a master talent and knows his way around the romantic block. Mega star Emilia Clarke gives up the days of medieval dragons and castles to lay claim to an offbeat life as a worker at a Santa shop. Run by the always enticing Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) Emilia steals hearts as an out of luck single woman trying to find Mr. Right,
Angels can come in many forms and a chance encounter the lass has with Tom, a community worker changes both their lives. Handsome Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) has got “it” and lays claim to Kate’s heart. It’s fun to watch their friendship unfold but like most affairs of the heart a wrench or two gets thrust into the best laid plans.
Partly written by Emma Thompson who co-stars Last Christmas is a feel good movie that is warm and fuzzy and hits all the right notes.