(PG) ***

Vancouver International Film Festival
Sleuth Extraordinaire!

Experience counts. Watch a renowned detective ply his trade with conviction and panache in the stylish Maigret. Here the beloved sleuth from the hit George’s Simenon novels gets the big screen treatment with a larger than life French heavyweight. Sparks fly intellectually speaking in this French gem now unfolding at the Vancouver International Film Featival.
Danger is in the air in gay Paris when w young woman fails to make it home. Out to solve the case is about to retire Inspector Maigret who, due to age, may not be ready for one more case. Better think again as actor George Depardieu lends his formidable talents and brainpower to do battle with a cunning criminal or two.

Long on style and atmosphere and short in blood Maigret works largely To a good script and talented acting. Sure we’ve seen stories like this before but somehow the murkiness of the setting and the contrasts between high society and dire poverty make this tale all the more believable – and dare I say relevant during these trying times.