DrMangat_Picking_up_HomelessSick_from_RoadsideA rare living example of selfless service Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat, the founder of free shelter-cum-nursing home for the poorest of the poor, is visiting Surrey and adjoining areas from September 21 to 25. During this visit he will stay at Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Surrey. This free shelter-cum-nursing home is being run under the non-profit, non-political, registered charitable Trust “Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram” founded by Dr Mangat in August 2005. The Charity has been looking after the homeless, disabled, mentally sick, paralysed, terminally-ill and the poorest sick people for the last twelve years – FREE OF COST.

In the beginning for many years Dr. Mangat pedaled his bicycle on the roads of Ludhiana city and saved the lives of more than hundred homeless disabled individuals lying on the roadsides and other places crying for help. In 2008 he purchased land near village Sarabha of district Ludhiana, Punjab. He started with kerosene lamp (for light) and kerosene stove (for cooking) in a mudroom, and slowly built a well-equipped two storey Ashram for the needy homeless.

The admission of homeless needy people in the Ashram began in 2011. To date, nearly 150 homeless-sick were admitted in the Ashram. After receiving medical treatment and nutritious food, many of these were rehabilitated and able to find their footing in life again. However nearly 55 patients, who could not become fit for work, live in the Ashram permanently and have no relative to ever inquire about them. Out of these about 15 are severely critical. These patients are mentally and physically disabled, bedridden and unable to answer the call of nature at their own. They cannot recall their own name or whereabouts. All persons living in the Ashram are provided food, clothes, medical treatment, nursing care and other necessities of life FREE OF COST. A doctor on site examines them regularly.

Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat who is a former Professor and Scientist of PAU, Ludhiana, University of Windsor, and Morrison Scientific Inc. Calgary, and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society of London (UK) told that on completion of three more floors of the Ashram, it will be catering to hundreds of such needy people in the future. For more information, Dr. Mangat can be reached at his cell phone 403-401-8787 or at nsmangat14@hotmail.com,  or visit www.apahajashram.org .