Richmond: As a result in the spike in recent residential burglaries, the Richmond RCMP has been deploying multiple undercover officers at various locations of the city in addition to increased patrol activity by our uniformed officers.

Recently, Richmond RCMP officers arrested 2 suspects whom we believe may be responsible for multiple burglary offences.

On February 1st, 2017 officers from the Property Crime Unit (PCU) recognized a blue 2014 Audi Q5 SUV parked in the 8000 block of No. 3 Rd. This Audi was reported as stolen from residence in late January 2017 and was adorned with stolen licence plates. A comprehensive surveillance operation was initiated on this vehicle.

The Audi was then surveilled to the 7500 block of Abercrombie Rd. Undercover officers discovered a second stolen vehicle nearby, a 2015 Lexus LX570 SUV. The Lexus was also on file as being stolen from a residential burglary in late January 2017. At around 5 am, the same day, a 24-year old male, was arrested following his departure from the Lexus.

At around 2 pm, the Audi was surveilled to the 11300 block of Hammersmith Way. Officers arrested a 21-year old male and recovered several items of stolen property from the Audi linked to a prior burglary.

The suspects, a 21-year old male from Richmond and a 24-year old male from Langley, are known to police and are alleged to be responsible for numerous burglaries. Charges are pending and our investigation is on-going. The 24-year old suspect from Langley had prior arrest warrants issued by the Nanaimo RCMP and the Langley RCMP.

“We are seeing a trend where a residence has been burglarized and a vehicle stolen with the keys. This is in addition to personal property being taken. That stolen vehicle then becomes the transportation used to commit further crimes,” says Cpl. Simon Lee of the Richmond RCMP Property Crimes Unit.

“Our officers and those from our various specialized units are working tirelessly, investigating every possible lead, no matter how small. We want to hold individuals who burglarize homes and steal cars accountable for their actions.”

Richmond RCMP is reminding people to store vehicle keys where they will not be readily accessible. Further, we are seeing a trend where homes are being identified by criminals as being largely absent. For those owners, we would recommend making your home appear occupied as much as possible and to have someone regularly check on the home in your absence. We would strongly recommend contacting us immediately if you notice any suspicious activity.