surrey mandir  b&wSurrey: Justice Ross has directed the Vedic Hindu Cultural Society to reinstate ‘Life Members’ whose memberships were cancelled for non-payment and hold board elections within 6 months from the day of the order. Krishan Bector, Vivek Vasistha and Amrit Arora had filed a petition against the Vedic society for changing the fee schedule in 2012 AGM.  In her ruling Justice Ross held the change in fee schedule at the AGM as null and void.  Narender Singla and Kidar Joshi had also petitioned on their removal as members of the Council of Volunteers from the Board of Directors of the Society. The court dismissed both their claim that the Board had no right to remove Singla and Joshi from the Council and their claim that Ms. Joshi was improperly disciplined by the Board.  Justice Ross found the Board’s actions in both of those cases to have been proper.