Surrey: In the last few days, a number of individuals and groups (mostly supporters of the previously planned LRT) have expressed concern about the recently forwarded SkyTrain extension on Fraser Highway from Surrey to Langley. We are releasing this statement with the belief that misleading (and in some cases, false) information has been shared by many of these individuals and groups.

Our organization believes that the Mayors’ Council’s decision to endorse TransLink’s work plan for a SkyTrain on Fraser Highway project sends rail rapid transit in the right direction—on a path that reaches the most communities and people, delivers the highest travel time savings, and has the highest ridership potential of any South-of-Fraser transit corridor.

We want to stress that:

  • SkyTrain delivers transit improvements for the entire Fraser Highway corridor even if the first phase is built only halfway to Langley City, as one of Surrey’s most congested stretches of road is Fraser Highway between 140 and 148 Streets.
  • Commute time reductions from Surrey Central to: Fleetwood – 28 mins (502) → 9 mins (SkyTrain); Downtown Langley – 58 mins (502) → 39 mins (SkyTrain + 502) → 22 mins (full SkyTrain)
  • Areas on Fraser Highway see lower transit use and more people driving than the Surrey-Newton-Guildford corridor. Example: in Clayton Heights, fewer than 10% of residents use transit.
  • Early TransLink estimates predicted Fraser Hwy SkyTrain would be as busy as today’s Canada Line by year 2041, with 115,000 riders per day.
  • Public support for SkyTrain must not be understated. Future riders in Surrey and Langley are ready and willing to take SkyTrain when it comes.

SkyTrain for Surrey is the local community coalition that has called for this SkyTrain extension over the years. We are proud to have played a significant role in building public support for the SkyTrain extension that is now becoming a reality.