(PG) ****

Fertile Minds!
By Shirl Hollenberg
And now for something completely different. No, we’re not talking Monty Python here. Instead again the folks in the programming department come up with a winner for their fresh, invigorating and exciting On Line with the inclusion of Tales Of the Lockdown. Talk about creative talent! Well worth seeing by ordering in line and viewing in the comfort of your own home just dial in VIFF.org to tune into a charming new little film.
To enjoy the best of international films this year you have to go on line. Watch such fare either o. Your computer, smart phone or on the bigger screen more eye friendly television. Actually t.v. Is more relatable to Tales of the Lockdown as this movie is actually a stringing together of five episodes made for television mid 20 minutes a piece. But what a treasure these episodes are.
Just like the title suggests what unfolds before your eyes are the day to day drama that inflict peolle now forced to stay at home thanks to Covid 19. We are all j. The same boat until a vaccine arrives and thanks to these gifted filmmakers we can see what some folks are doing behind closed doors amidst the pandemic, and no, we’re not talking between the sheets affairs here.
Again what Tales of the Lockdown shows is that creative imagination knows no boundaries like any good film festival which Vancouver symbolizes. Among the scenarios which unfold in this whimsical theatrical jewel is a woman who “invites” herself over to a neighbour only to “expose” a serial killer with baggage to burn. Then there is another separate situation where the police interview a wealthy couple whose rental business may be involved with criminal activity. Oh, and let’s not forget an auditioning couple behind close doors whose demo reel goes just a touch astray.
What makes Tales of the Lockdown so good is the acting. Despite not being known to North Americans the ensemble cast are simply smoking hot and their delivery is impeccable. Fast paced and plausibly pleasing this is one movie well worth seeing . In Spanish with English subtitles that don’t deter.