Thai commerce minister Niwatthamrong appointed new Prime Minister

New Thai Pm Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is greeted by her supporters gathered outside the Permanent Secretary of Defence office in Bangkok
Bangkok: A Thai court ordered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down after finding her guilty of abusing her power, prolonging a political crisis that has led to violent protests and brought the economy close to recession. The decision is bound to anger supporters of Yingluck, but the court did allow ministers not implicated in the case against her to stay in office.
Niwatthamrong Boonsongphaisan is named to be new prime minister in place of Yingluck Shinawatra by minister’s cabinet.
“The cabinet has decided that Niwatthamrong Boonsongphaisan will carry out duties in place of Prime Minister Yingluck,” Justice Minister Pongthep Thepkanjana told a news conference.