Vancouver: On the second to last day of campaigning, John Horgan told hundreds of supporters at a virtual campaign event that a re-elected BC NDP government will continue investing in health care and helping people through the pandemic and beyond.
“We’ll get through this, together,” Horgan pledged. “But we must keep BC moving forward, for everyone. The stakes are too high to go back to the BC Liberals who will cut taxes to the wealthiest British Columbians and make us all pay the price.”
Horgan again pointed to the platforms of both the BC Liberals and the Greens, who commit less than half of what the BC NDP plan does in new health care investments. He said Andrew Wilkinson, in particular, has made giving millionaires tax-free yachts and luxury cars a bigger priority than investing in health or seniors care.
“The choice is clear: we can help the rich get richer or we can help families get through this difficult time and build a better future,” said Horgan. “The other parties have the wrong priorities at the wrong time. Only a vote for a BC NDP candidate is a vote to improve health care and help people.”
Horgan made the comments after talking with a number of people he has met during the campaign who have been helped by BC NDP actions to improve long-term care, make life more affordable, and create new
“This election is about who will lead us as we navigate a second wave of COVID-19 and lay the groundwork for a recovery that works for everyone,” said Horgan. “We will continue to put people first and invest in the things that matter as we’ve done throughout the pandemic and at all times over the last three and a half years.”
The Canadian Press