Lethal Lady!

How far would you go to make a point? Let’s see how far a woman goes to take on and take down a big bad industrial complex in Woman at War. Sure, to spark lots of lively debate this delicious if not provocative tale from Mongrel Media leaves no stone unturned. Join the cause at The International   Village Theatre in Vancouver

Determined is how Halla lives her life. Iceland will never be the same as Halldora Geirhrosdottir decides to take the law into her own hands. Consider her a modern-day Dirty Harry with an environmentalist agenda working outside the law. But of course. Smart and determined this lass is cagey and fit as a fiddle, enabling her to engage in all sorts of subterfuge and sabotage and able to get away with it – so far – with a little help from her left-leaning friends. A born crusader this environmentalist on steroids uses her physical prowess to inflict pain on a big bad power facility in her snowy homeland throwing the nation in turmoil. Happy with her success a wrench is put into her chosen Path when a little girl runs into her life.

See the emotional strains grow as Halla has her life turned upside down as fateful family planning comes into play. Unexpectedly this change in course of action ups the ante and pressure in Woman at War. For beautiful scenery and a tale of progress versus keeping things simply makes Woman at War evocative and a stunning charmer. Intense, unpredictable and thought-provoking this character’s chameleon changing characteristics will keep you intrigued and waiting on pins and needles throughout. Made in the language of Iceland with English subtitles.