Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly
By Dr. Holly

photo 1 orangeFruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach and definitely not with dairy
Prior to bed the worst fruits to eat would be oranges as they turn into sugar in the body. However, a very good citrus food to eat before bed would be lemons and limes as they help balance the pH of the body; help regulate cholesterols in the body; and for many the fresh citrus scent (which wakes me up) puts many to sleep, like lavender (which also wakes me up).

photo 2 chocolate-and-caffeineCaffeines and Chocolates before bed
TCM claims that there is no problem drinking caffeine before bed – the heat will put you to sleep before the caffeine kicks in. Some claim eating chocolate before bed will keep you awake – that depends on the type of chocolate. For instance, most pasteurized is devoid of nutrient; has a huge amount of the toxic sugars and other harmful chemicals – not a good idea before bed. “Dark chocolate” is more of a scam – they take out all of the important fatty acids and Omega 3 fatty acids that the body requires; and in the process loose most of the anti-oxidants that they are marketed for – not a good deal. Xocai chocolate – with its special patent – protects all the anti-oxidants in the chocolate seeds – and in addition you not only get the other 300 nutrients real chocolate provides BUT you also get a huge amount of magnesium – great for going to sleep!!!
Some falsely claim that chocolate has caffeine – what it has is a caffeine like molecule – that does trigger the caffeinic receptors in the brain – but doesn’t give you the spiking effect that regular caffeine gives you.

Bedtime proteins
1. Of particular benefit – especially if you are trying to loose weight
2. Don’t have a big steak – but rather a small piece of organic chicken
3. Will keep the metabolism going and provide some amino acids for night time repair

Foods high in melatonin
1. Melatonin doesn’t promote sleep
2. Your body makes Melatonin 24/7 and it is stored in the pineal gland
3. When you get into stage 4 sleep – it is released and in effect orchestrates a lot of the healing parameters during your sleep’
4. It also helps you stay in a deeper sleep longer

Photo 5 1-avocadoFats before bed
1. Like with most foods – it depends on whether it is good fat or bad fat
2. Foods like avocados and Xocai chocolate can actually be of benefit while you sleep – providing the Omega 3 anti-inflammatories as well as all the fats the brain requires
3. Deep fried, fast food, microwaved, processed fats on the other hand can be very detrimental at any time not just before bed

Mixed NutsNuts and seeds before bed
1. Eating a lot of nuts and seeds at any time can be detrimental
2. Eating a small handful of organic, raw nuts and seeds at any time can be beneficial, including before bed
3. Walnuts – great for the brain
4. Almonds – great for lowering cholesterol, constipation & diabetes
5. Peanuts – not nuts – they are legumes and often full of mold – not a good bet
6. Pumpkin and Sesame seeds – great for the prostate

Here’s to your health!
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