Kamillia Singh
Kamillia Singh
Vancouver: On Commercial Drive in Vancouver you will find every second business is an eatery business. But with all the news in media about certain restaurants closing down because of cleanliness violation one must be very careful where they should go and dine.
They have a gorgeous dining room with vibrant colors, a water feature matched with low lighting to ensure a memorable Indian food experience. They are known for authentic Indian cuisine prepared by using the traditional methods of preparation. This restaurant reminds you of being at an high end restaurant in cities such as Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore, lamb-biryani1



Sula-ThaliThe secret of their success is in combination of little bit of everything, north, south, east and west.
The owners felt a gap in the traditional cuisine of India so they open this restaurant about 5 years ago. Sula means peace, calm; sure enough they proved to be a place where you will feel very peaceful. The background music is so soothing and calm, you can finish eating but it takes a real push for you to get moving.
When I walked in on a Saturday afternoon, the place was quite exactly how I wanted, but in no time the place got packed. I was seated by the window, which I love, big huge windows. Nitesh Shetty the manager got me seated, I decided to try Lamb Vindaloo (dairy and gluten free,) lamb with toasted dried coconut, crushed tomatoes and onions in a rich flavorful sauce with vinegar and paprika. I was served the chai in which you can really taste the spices. While I was waiting for my Lamb Vindaloo, the manager bought me some pakoras with mint and tamarind chutney, I was hungry, as soon as I was done with pakoras my meal arrived with garlic naan and basmati rice. The care that goes into preparing each dish, the vibe and the service was outstanding. The Lamb Vindaloo was so delicious, meat was cooked to perfection and the sauce was thick and flavorful. I couldn’t finish it all; the rest of the food was packed for me to take home for next day’s lunch. The dessert was rice pudding, which was fabulous with lots of nuts.
“ When we started this place, we were convinced that this will be for Indian cuisine, that we would like to give the people the real taste of Indian cuisine, we make typical Indian food, if you are craving for a great place to go and eat, this is it” Nitesh Shetty the manager said.
“All our chefs that work in the kitchen are also very qualified in Indian cooking, they have worked in high end hotels in India, and we got the best staff here that is passionate about what they do, so we are very blessed to have great people working for us”, added Nitesh.
“Every item on our menu also states if the food is gluten free or vegan, we have a lot of customers who come here who are vegan, so we decided to have items on our menu, customers leave here very happy that we have their interest in mind, our customers come from everywhere, locales as well as people come down from Surrey, once they eat here they are hooked for descent meal” he added.

Sula is about good food, good for everyone, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, non-vegetarian and dairy-free.
Located at 1128 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, open for lunch and dinner, dinner is from 4:30-10:00 daily, Lunch buffet from 11:30-2:30, Thursday and Friday. Thali lunch is from 11:30-2:30pm from Saturday to Wednesday closed on Sunday. Eat in, take out or have it delivered within 5 km and minimum order of $30. Give them a call at 604-215-1130 or visit their website at sulaindianrestaurant.com.

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