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I wrote last week about the unprecedented times we live in. Global stock markets are roiling. Economic meltdowns predicted. Coronavirus cases and deaths continue to skyrocket. And it looks like our neighbours to the south are wholly unprepared for their coming onslaught (is anyone surprised here) and are poised to become the next global hot spot.

Bob Milliken

I also wrote about the incredible opportunity we have in front of us.

“Remote work offers flexibility, and I appreciate the work-life balance that comes with that.”

Jess Scott / JessINK

If there was ever a time consider “Working from Home”, it’s now.

The coronavirus has forced us to rethink where and how we work. Many companies are sending us home with instructions to become a “remote-worker”, while others of us are now driven to see if our home-based business idea has legs.

If you find yourself suddenly working from home or you are ready to start your own home-based business, here are some guidelines you may find useful;

Stay organised

An important key to success is organisation. Working from home will provide you with opportunities for freedom, so it is up to you to put structure in place. Try making an outline for your week, then creating a detailed plan each night for the following day.

Understand your priorities

Have a clear understanding of your priorities. There will be times when you have limited time due to personal commitments, so you need to know where to spend your time.

Keep motivated

Set goals to keep you on track. This should include short, medium and long-term goals. Having them written down will ensure you know what you are working towards and keep you focused.

Set boundaries

In my experience, working remotely always confuses the on-the-job work and personal time where they can quickly overlap. Try implementing certain boundaries such as always sitting down for dinner or starting every morning by having breakfast with your kids. Doing this will protect some of your personal time.

Know when to take a break

Working from home, especially if you are running a home-based business, requires a lot of time and you may end up working many more hours than planned. Make the most of opportunities to take a break. If you can, get away from your work, have a mid-week catch up with a friend or sneak off to see a movie.

Take Away

If you find yourself suddenly working from home, you may still need to stick to your regular working-day hours. While a lack of a commute will put time back into your pocket, it’s probably not a good idea to binge Netflix.

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