fantastic womanGame Changer!


Talk about sex and odds are good people will have a reaction. Conventional norms are being constantly tested and often things once thought of as taboo have gone main stray. Do the right thing and test the waters of A Fantastic Woman. Smart and meaningful this thoughtful tale from Sony Pictures Classics is a game changer. Take a chance in this foreign gem bound to enlighten crowds at the International Village Cinemas or The Fifth Avenue Cinemas

Foreign films can be a tough sell. Santiago is wonderfully depicted as we get immersed in the life on Maria Vidal. All this woman wants to be is happy and Daniela Vega pulls of a terrific portrayal of a born man who decides to change sexes and become a woman. So convincing is the switch that an also building romance begins with 57 yea old Orlando. None the wiser of the true sex of Maria is Francisco Reyes who nicely embodies a lost in love mature man

All this would be a lovely love story. Naturally due to suspicions about Maria’s true sex all sorts of indignities are levelled against her. That discrimination subtle or otherwise boils over when Orlando takes I’ll, passes and three guesses who is singled out for blame – rightly or not.

Fireworks erupt as the theme of A Fantastic Woman delves deep into misconception, Misinterpretation, discrimination, harassment and out and out hatred. Flawless acting and great shots of Chile bring home the point of intolerance and the difficulty of ours to accept who is different. Be on the lookout for director Sebastian Lelio whose ability to frame very artistic camera shots simply adds to the appeal of this relevant and powerhouse movie.