abhayjeetSurrey: Abhayjeet Singh Sachal, fourteen-year-old student from Surrey is selected to participate in the Arctic expedition. He will be joining the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition from July 21- August 5, 2016.

He received a full $11,900 scholarship from US Embassy. This expedition will allow him to explore his passion for learning about the dynamics about climate change, delve into his passion for scientific research, and will give him an adventure of a lifetime. Upon my return, I will share my knowledge with the community in order to implement the changes that we need.

As we travel to the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland, we will be learning about the poles from a global perspective. The expedition will involve a team of more than 100 high school and university students from around the world.

Guided by a team of scientists, elders, artists and educators, we will develop a deeper connection to the land, culture and people of the Arctic as we engage in hands-on research, listen to elders, visit remote Arctic communities, observe wildlife, high through Auyuittuq National Park, and bridge cultures and understand with youth from around the world. We will learn about the impacts of climate change, the importance of ocean conservation, and other important topics, grounded in an understanding and appreciation for the people who call the Arctic home.

Since Students on Ice (SOI) began nearly 16 years ago, more than 2,500 students and educators from 52 countries have participated in SOI’s life-changing journeys. They form an alumni family that is connected by their experiences and provide ongoing support to fellow expeditioners as mentors, teachers, and lifelong friends.

There will also be a satellite system on board the icebreaker. If you are interested, Students on Ice can arrange interviews with the participants before, during and after the expedition. The Expedition Team can also forward images of students (including me!) in the field.

During the expedition, Students on Ice will update their Expedition Website with videos, photos, and student journals — and so you will be able to follow the trip online.