Try these 7 proven tips and solve that problem

Bob Milliken

Google Ads is an extremely popular and powerful marketing technique being used by businesses of all sizes. The advertising program targets specific groups of potential customers, broadening your audience and generating more traffic to your website.

New to the online marketing space? First-timer to Google Ads and not sure where to start? My seven proven tips and solve that problem.

Become Very Familiar With Google Metrics

The success of Google Ads is measured by a range of metrics: click-through rates, clicks, conversion rates, average conversion value, conversions and cost per conversion. To get the most out of your ads, make sure to assess all of the key metrics rather than just focusing on one or two.

Use Relevant Landing Pages

To optimise your Google Ads campaigns, make sure the advertisements are linked to a relevant landing page. This is the page potential customers will be taken to when they click on your Ad so you want to make sure to match it to their query.

Have Strong Call To Actions

A call to action is something you are asking of potential customers and should be include both your Ad and your landing page. Popular examples are “contact us today”, “get your free quote now” and “order now”.

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

Google Ads are shown based on your keywords. These need to be highly relevant to your product and service otherwise or you will miss your desired target audience and seriously impact the effectiveness of your campaign. Spend time here!

Google Ads is a huge subject unto itself. Watch this space over the coming weeks for several more focused discussions.

Structure Your Account According To Keyword Themes

The Google Ads program is structured around ad groups made up of different keywords. There should be several keywords representing one product or service as people may use different search terms to find your business.

Use the ‘choose your location’ function over the radius targeting option

The ‘choose your location’ function allows you to select particular location targets and is much more effective than the general radius targeting option where you set a distance (eg. <50km).

Take Away

Warning: Three things to leave you with. (1) Make sure you are familiar with the metrics and statistics available through Google Ads, (2) Be sure to link your ads to a specific and relevant landing page, and (3) Your landing page must be mobile friendly.

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