Switch Up!

Before we vanishDare to dream. Big ideas and panic are on the minds of the creative forces behind Before We Vanish. Brought to sedate British Columbia by reliable Mongrel Media his smart feeding frenzy is full of style and competent performances. Join the bandwagon while Earth is still standing in this hip flick now turning heads most likely at the International Village Cinemas.

Yes, we live in a global village. Many have nots would die for the sedate luxurious lifestyle so taken for granted in the west. Now imagine how some real outsiders might take a fancy to how we live – or worse.  A slow building feeding frenzy is taking hold in if all places a quaint city in Japan. The land of the rising sun proves to be fertile feeding ground for a small group of aliens bent in taking the land – and its habitants for themselves.

Eerie music, fresh faces, hip dialogue and an obvious campy feeling that’s never overdone turn Before We Vanish into a feast for the eyes and all the senses. Then again, what else would you expect from master horror director Kiyoshi Kirosawa who coaxes brilliant performances out of his main characters. Here the key element is the whole premise that these aliens take in the form and very shape of their human targets. Just what happens afterwards is sad, revealing and at all times interesting in this zestful look at how an invasion can take place from within with. A totally unpredictable fallout.