Harnoor Gill





By Harnoor Gill

I had an amazing on the first Saturday of February, as I received the chance to volunteer at an amazing event that raised awareness on cancer-related services. This event raised money for CASHH (Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills). CASHH is a community-based organization composed of volunteers from Halton Hills that assists in providing support as well as hope to cancer patients, friends and families. CASHH raises awareness largely through third-party events like the Carnival 4 Cancer with community donations as well as community support. They’re crucial for their survival. The group was formed when the national Canadian Cancer Society left town for a couple years. Former members acknowledged that still there was a need and created their own organization. Though the Cancer Society has since returned, community support has remained so strong that CASHH has been able to continue for over a decade.

A unique part of this was that it was held by a fellow MYAC (Mayor’s Youth Action Committee) member – Alexandra Reinhardt. She’d taken advantage of an opportunity through a group advisor Alex Hilson who directs a Halton Hills youth-driven non-profit, ‘Inspire Halton’ – a group that holds events for charities, raising money and awareness, while instigating leadership opportunities for youth and better connecting them to their communities. Together, they planned, organized, implemented, and executed the event all on their own. What makes this event remarkable is the fact that it was designed and done in an extremely short time.

During the event, I manned the station for the “cup switcheroo.” The objective of the game was to figure out where the ball was after the person manning the station switched the cups around. I learned that if you lifted the cup instead of sliding it, it was a dead giveaway that the cup was empty. I had a great time enhancing my skills while confusing people to where the ball was, learning how to be stealthy. It was a great time and learning experience and I hope to do it again sometime.

All in all, it was a great opportunity dropped in through one of youth groups I am associated with, the Mayor’s Youth Action Committee. Who says volunteering doesn’t open up doors?

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