Personalization is one of the most important aspects of new business ventures, and one that is sure to result in a profitable company if executed correctly.

Bob Milliken

Here are 5 reasons why I think that you need to personalize your marketing campaigns.

  1. Better Survey Response Rate: When your products and services are personalized, then your customers are more likely to fill out surveys and questionnaires. This is invaluable market feedback, and these surveys typically have a very poor response rate.
  2. Establishes an Emotional Connection: Creating an emotional connection is key in terms of long-term repeat clients. These are the type of clients that turn a good business into an outstanding one. If you make your customers feel good, then they will keep coming back. You can do this by tending to their needs, with discounts and offers, email reminders, personalized color schemes and more. Remember to call them by their first names where possible.
  3. Increase in Sales: Customers are more willing to click on an advertisement of an unknown brand if it is personalized. They are also more willing to give away personal information in return for tailored advertisements. According to research from Salesforce, 58% of respondents indicated that personalization was an important factor in terms of making a purchase. Moreover, the research also indicated that simply bombarding customers with ads all the time is no longer effective. When Coca-Cola added names to their bottles, it increased sales for the first time in ten years.
  4. More Authentic: Personalization can really give your brand a good reputation. There are very few businesses that are good at personalization right now. This is because finding out exactly what the customer wants and delivering it at the right time can be problematic. Personalization can let you treat each customer as an individual instead of a group, which is less effective. You can make specialized recommendations and offers to them.
  5. Increases Retention and Loyalty: Personalization can help to increase brand loyalty to a huge extent. It can also assist in retaining long-term clients. Customers can remain loyal to a brand due to personalization, even if the quality of service declines a little. This is because the personalization will create a connection between the person and the brand. As a result, the customer will keep coming back, as long as he or she is made to feel valued and special.

The Take Away

Make no mistake, personal branding is a big thing. Use these 5 tips and personalize your marketing campaigns. You’ll be surprised by the results. Need help getting started? Call us and let’s get personal.

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