By Shirl Hollenberg

IMG_2243 IMG_2245Take a bow, Chris Rock. You deserve it. Hot as a piston is Rock in Paramount Pictures’ Top Five. Said to be scooped up by the studio after a hit showing at the Toronto International Film Festival this movie is a hilarious send-up of Hollywood. Get in on All this funny monkey business at Cineplex Odeon theatres around B.C.
Tired of all those blockbuster hopeful action/superhero extravaganzas ? Then meet Andre, a washed up clown action star known as Hammy. Rock plays this larger than Life character brilliantly. Think a human-sized Ted and you get the drift. Here that humour is in the Seth McFarlane mould as Andre starts to question his career and all those studio heavyweights.
If you think the powers that be at Sony are in free fall they have nothing on the antics of Rock as he peels back the layers of getting ahead in show business and trying to stay on top brilliantly. Told through an extended and eventful interview with a sassy savvy New York reporter surprises constantly spring forth.
Charming and sultry at the same time as the topical journalist is Rosario Dawson who perfectly complements Rock as the zany situations abound. Despite all the lunacy Top Five shows its true mettle and a degree of warmth by adding on some serious moments that truly give this uplifting film its soul. Heavy on talent with the likes of Tracy Morgan, Cedric the Entertainer a trio of true Show Business Legends and a killer song that comes from out of left field propel Top Five into one of the best films of any year.
Top Five (PG) ****