Bob Milliken

Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken
By Bob MIlliken

Is your old, outdated phone system causing you more problems than it’s worth?

If you think you have outgrown your current phone system and are tired of constant downtime, dropped calls, repairs and maintenance, it might be time for you to consider a VoIP system for your office. While the use of landlines is still prevalent among some businesses, many have started to turn to the digital version, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.
VoIP, simply put, allows telephone communications to run over your data network or the Internet. It’s widely known how the benefits of having a VoIP system greatly outweigh the costs of simply not having one. VoIP has become the main backbone of voice communication for a growing majority of companies, offering numerous benefits including potentially large cost savings, and decreased maintenance costs.
When it was first introduced, the technology needed to run a VoIP system was expensive, limiting it to multi nationals and large organizations. However, over the past few years, the technology has come down in price and is now available for next to nothing, allowing small and medium business to make the switch.
The right VoIP system can likely save you a considerable amount of money AND give you more features and flexibility to support customers, drive sales and manage calls throughout your office. If you are running a business, here are three reason why VoIP makes sense;.
4 Big Reasons Why Thousands Of Small Businesses Are Trading In Their Current Phone System For VoIP:
1. Drastically reduces your phone bill. If you have multiple offices, or even remote workers, new voice-over IP technology integrates your data and voice networks to drastically reduce long distance and lease line charges you are currently paying.
2. Eliminates expensive technician visits. These new systems are built so that your current IT person or company could easily maintain it in-house. No more waiting around for high-priced phone technicians to show up or paying high service call fees.
3. FREE voice mail, auto attendant, call processing, and automatic call distribution. New VoIP systems come with all features included. À la carte add-ons are now a thing of the past. Imagine a phone that can automatically get to you anywhere and everywhere with a click of the button and much more.
4. Maximize Investments in technology. VoIP allows companies to maximize investments already made in their data network infrastructure by using the same network that handles the flow of data – no need to add and maintain additional wires and cables.
VoIP is certainly a technology that has come of age. It’s cheap, ubiquitous, and easy-to-use. VoIP systems allow you to do far more than is possible with traditional phone technology, and any business should have VoIP in their toolset.
If you still have questions or are unsure about the value of VoIP to your business don’t hesitate to give us a call. Connect with Bob at, or give us a call –604.270.1730.
To all, cheers for the New Year and may it be a memorable one. Happy New Year.
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Bob Milliken is the president of Cascadia Systems Group.