awakeningwhiteonblackThere was a murderer who was supposed to be hanged in a few days. A scientist asked the judge if he could experiment on this person. The judge agreed and said that the captive needs to die in one or two days. The scientist agreed. In a dark room, the captive was tied to a chair and was told that he would die by a snake’s bite. He was told that a snake is coming out of the bag and is about to bite him. Then the scientist pressed a pin on the foot of this captive and he died. Later it was found that the captive’s body was filled with the poison that is found after the bite of a snake.
While the experiment helps us understand that thoughts affect our being in important ways we might still wonder how one could direct the mind to think positively? Let us first look at what it means to think positively. It means right thinking at every moment. Hoping the best to happen but accepting the result and creating the right thoughts no matter what the outcome may be. Accepting the outcome keeps us stable in the moment. We retain strength, confidence and motivation to put in our best the next moment.
Now let us look at the ways we can direct our mind to think positively: We know that we cannot take control of other people or situations but what we can do is focus on our own selves. The pictured below illustrates an example of a person who is worried and is looking for a job. The way in which he thinks is likely to make him more worried. An alternative thought could be to focus on his area of impact. That way he can save energy and time and do what is best.
Another way in which we can direct our mind is by considering storms in the journey of life as gifts that help us learn and move forward. Sometimes we get demotivated during bad times. But we could remember that these are lessons to teach us. We tend to keep asking ourselves why we did it. But it was important for our journey for our growth and wisdom. If it would not have happened we would not have learnt or grown either. Even when a statue is build it is hammered and that is how an ordinary stone becomes a statue that is put on such high pedestal. In the same way, the storms help us to bring about the best in ourselves. It is helpful to be gentle to self and churn what you have learnt instead of what you or someone else had done.

By Brahma Kumaris Vancouver
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