Regina: On Wednesday, the Honourable Andrew Scheer, the Leader of the Official Opposition and the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, issued the following statement on the beginning of 2019 – the Year of Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax:

“Today, Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax begins to take effect and Canadians already anxious about the rising cost of living will soon have another tax to pay.

“However, this is only the beginning. So I begin 2019 with a warning to Canadians. A warning that Trudeau’s carbon tax is going to climb higher and higher.

“Trudeau’s carbon tax starts at $20 a ton, going up to $50 in three years, but internal government documents confirm the Liberals are already planning for a carbon tax of $300 a tonne. That’s 15 times larger than what it will be on April 1 when it kicks in.

“At that rate, the average Canadian family will pay $1,000 more to heat their home in the winter and gasoline prices will jump more than 60 cents a litre.

“This has been Justin Trudeau’s plan all along. That is why the election this fall is so important. Canadians simply can’t afford a re-elected Liberal government that will hike the carbon tax to $300 a tonne.

“With its massive exemptions for large emitters, Canadians know that Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax will do nothing for the environment. It’s single achievement will be making everyday essentials more expensive for all Canadians.

“In 2019, Conservatives are going to make Justin Trudeau a one-term prime minister and make sure his carbon tax is a thing of the past.”