By Shirl Hollenberg
hollywood july 10 2015Do the right thing is an idea preached from parents to their offspring. Facing death a wealthy businessman makes the ultimate decision if Self/Less.  Smart indeed is this sci-fi thriller from VVS Films now taking hold at he International Village Cinemas as well as certain Cineplex Odeon Arenas across B.C.
Call Damian the toast of New York developers.  Give it up to Sir Ben Kingsley (Gandhi) who again gives a fully believable performance as a man who believe money can buy anything – even life itself.  Left with the dilemma of facing a certain death or trying a special experiment to prolong life our captain of industry opts for life. Gambles like these are fraught with danger and uncertainty and this case is no different.
News of a special secretive procedure appeals to Damian who takes the plunge by switching bodies with another patient. Presto the new and improved Damian is much younger and well apportioned by Vancouver’s ow rising star Ryan Reynolds.  Not all medical treatments work out as planned. What follows in Self/Less is a race against time with shattering results.
Exciting and full of tension Self/Less is a smart well-acted science fiction thriller full of intense performances, unpredictability and bad guys who never give up. Call it relentless with a capital R and a nice summertime diversion
Self/Less (PG) ****