By Brahma Kumaris
awakeningwhiteonblackPower of Discernment is represented by Jeweler. Discernment is the power that helps us to step back from ourselves, any situations, and influence of others and see a clear picture and choose how to act for the best.
 Importance of Power to Discern:
It is an important power as it helps us discern which power needs to be used in a particular situation.
Baba says without power to discern one cannot be victorious. One can claim a number with this power.
We need power of discernment so that we can give the souls we serve what they want.
In the times that are to come, there will be souls who will come in the form of test paper. One needs to pay attention why this soul has come to me, and then one can face as well.
We can improve our relationships by discerning how we affect others, in that way our relationships can improve.
What do we need to discern?

  • Time – present and future
  • Situations
  • Souls with any kind of thoughts

Who can discern?
The ones who are soul conscious and do not have waste thoughts.
 How can we increase power to discern?
Cleanliness of intellect, the power to control thoughts and turn them. As power to put a full stop increases the power of intellect increases and that increases the power to discern.
By being in remembrance of one, in the task of One, and being in the constant stage will one be able to make discriminations about others very quickly. When one becomes good in knowledge and yog then one can discern other souls.
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  • Detachment
  • Simplicity
  • Cleanliness

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