Quad_Papal_Basilicas_lr1Travel is expensive. No Two ways about it. Ever dreamt about going to Rome? Well, if you don’t have plane and hotel reservations journey down to select local Cineplex Odeon theatres for a fraction of the price to view the  next best thank. Prepare to have your breath taken away through The Papal Basilicas of Rome 2D. Lovers of art will be thrilled with this trip down memory lane. Lucky filmgoers can catch this one day special screening happening this Sunday June 12 at 12:55 pm at Cineplex International Village, silver City Riverport, Coquitlam VIP, and Cineplex Langley.

Made in conjunction with Sky this Touchwood Pictures presentation makes up part of the art series that Cineplex pioneered a few years back. In the spirit of history, religion and tourism this arm chair traveller historical tinged documentary is truly a sight to behold. Through the use of a few highly informed hosts we are served up a dazzling commentary that tells the secret stories of how a group of famed Rome basilicas came into being.

Opulent and beautiful scores of masterpieces are presented before your very eyes. Sweeping overhead shots of St. Peter’s Square and its renowned golden dome set the stage as countless masterpieces are showcases with insight into how they came into being.

A number of popular churches with their hidden pressures are shown the light of day in this mesmerizing display of artistic wonder. If you love art don’t miss this cultural gem.