By Shirl Hollenberg
AgeofAdalinePoster2High spirits and a touch of melancholy help bring a sentimental twist to The Age of Adaline. Shot in British Columbia this majestic romance from EOne Entertainment will put true lovers in the groove at The Fifth Avenue Cinemas.
Dreams of staying young rest in all of us. Able to tempt fate and likely live forever is one Adaline Bowman. Played as a young woman by omnipresent Blake Lively our Adaline is a chameleon of sorts. Thanks to a fluke freak accident something in the bright girl’s metabolism leaves her face the same every day and every year -forever. Not wanting to inform others of her condition Ms. Bowman turns into a traveller, never overstaying her welcome.
Lovers come and go and the big question is whether this elaborate ruse get spoiled. If there is any message to be learned from this inspiring movie is live life to the fullest. Chance encounters and one offs become turning points as we become fully enthralled by this dynamic woman’s presence and plight. Heartfelt moments with family and friends help make The Age of Adaline a timeless wonder. Great use of vintage newsreels and a haunting San Francisco backdrop plus the commanding presence of Harrison Ford (Sabrina) and Ellen Burstyn help make this movie memorable and a fabled story with plenty of smart surprises.
The Age of Adaline (PG) ****