By Shirl Hollenberg

Growing Pains !


Robert De Niro does for old people what Billy Bob Thornton did for Christmas in Bad Santa in the suitably titled Dirty Grandpa.  Fresh and fun vulgarity in a not too offensive way arrives from VVS and Lionsgate Films in This explosive bit of exploitive fun now luring in leering patrons at Cineplex Odeon are as around  B.C.

Lighten up all you higher purpose people and elitist would be critics. This movie is meant to shock and it does so in a politically incorrect way. De Niro can do humour and displays it unabashedly as Dick Kelly, a man who goes on a youthful sex bender when his wife dies. Old guys need sex too. Surprise!

Able to take advantage even at his age the man with a new spring in his step ( amongst our body parts) sets  out on a road trip with his conservative soon to be married grandson Jason. Things spiral out of control in a hurry when Zac Efron usually getting the brunt of the miscarriages of justice at Daytona Beach.

Full of raunch, bad behaviour and mostly stupid situations Dirty Grandpa comes off as an old man’s wet dream. Despite the abundance of nubile female flesh and. Swearing there are some funny takes with the team taking pot shots at pot while some older white law enforcement officials’ screen time  simply, not connecting.