Ottawa: Prime Minister Stephen Harper, while marking the ninth anniversary of the Red Friday Campaign launch in Canada, said, “Nine years ago, two patriots, Lisa Miller and Karen Boire, launched the Red Friday Campaign in Canada with a rally on Parliament Hill.”

“They did so to encourage all Canadians to wear red on Fridays to show support for all members of the Canadian Armed Forces, who put their lives on the line every day to ensure the freedom, peace and security of our country,” he added.

“That valour and dedication are still very much in evidence today. The Canadian Armed Forces continue to play a vital role in defending Canada and in championing justice, freedom and security around the world. In the past year this has included participation in the coalition against the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, helping to fight Ebola in West Africa, training Ukrainian forces to cope with the military aggression of the Putin regime, and deploying elements of the Disaster Assistance Response Team in the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Nepal.

“As we count down towards the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017, let us remember the many chapters that the proud members of our military have written in blood, sweat and tears in defence of our great country and our values. As we do so, let us never forget the enormous sacrifices of their families.

“I would like to thank all citizens across our great country who continue to wear red at schools and in their workplaces to show their support for those who serve.

“I encourage all Canadians to continue this proud tradition as a gesture of respect to honour those who defend our freedoms and liberties with their lives.”