By kamilla Singh

RR3Caffe’ Rustico is far from any other Italian eatery this place got it all, from finest homemade pasta, Paninis, pizzas, salads, finest smoothies, authentic coffees as well as homemade biscotti’s. Tucked away in a neighborhood where every second business is a restaurant in the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood, this is located at the corner of 16th on Main Street in Vancouver.

This place is bubbling with curiously when you enter into this restaurant, you don’t know what to expect, but its doesn’t take long for one to figure out what to get, for me who is the new kid on the block had a challenge to see what would I like to try, everything looks so good and tempting, while I was sitting and figuring out what to get people came after me and went to the desk and ordered what they would like. Most of the people who came to dine are mostly locales, its very casuals, people have their laptop open working on their Caffe RR4assignment and some just came to get smoothies and some where there just to have specialty coffee and hang out.  The place is trendy conversational comfortable and filled with people who are from the neighborhood. The owner Mario you will find him behind the counter either mixing espressos or making the smoothies, either one he pours his heart into whatever he is doing, very pleasant person to talk to and he pretty well knows all his customers by first name.

I needed guidance to order my meal, Mario told the waitress to get me Risotto, this is a staple food, risotto is cooked with different types of vegetables, such as yellow peppers, red onion, mushrooms, black beans, cheese and topped with tomatoes. It came with garlic bun; it may look small but is very filling and delicious. I am glad I left the food choice with Mario. Although they serve predominantly meat sauces, but they will make a real effort to cater for vegetarians and people with dietary needs.  They also serve food gluten free, with so many people with food allergies, they are very much aware of customers need.  Service was impeccable and the food was even better.

Mario was born in Rome Italy, came to Canada at a very young age, he bought Italy with him, he says he learned a lot from his mom, he owned almost 31 different restaurant in the Metro Vancouver area, from very high end to casual dinning as well as pub foods, he never stayed in one place, at the present location he feels that’s what he was searching for a while a neighborhood that appreciates his food, his company and above all his pleasant personality. Mario’s education was rich in culture and strong in taste.

“We have been on this location for past 7 years, and I don’t think I am going anywhere, once a month we have conversational group, at the present time we have groups from French, Italian and Spanish which meets once a month, I am providing a space for art groups so that the young emerging artist who have the desire to become a artist in future can come and talk about their art work and display their work here.

I am a strong believer in community development, I like to keep my door open for all possibilities, if people approach me with new ideas, I never say it can’t be done, I always have “can do” attitude” Mario Renzitti the owner said.

Pastas, Pizzas, Panini, Biscotti frapes, ice-cream, giant cookies and gourmet coffee, you will find all of Caffe Rustico, Mario disclosed to me that sometimes he find it hard to call a quit and go home in the evening because he loves his customers and like chatting with them, people need a place to go and feel home, that’s what I am here to provide.

Nyla Raven a very well known performer who has booked this restaurant for a show in November, entry is free, we like you all to come and enjoy the show. My love for Remix music and I love food, I never consider this work as my job, I feel really privilege to be meeting so many wonderful people though this work and be service to them” he added.

Seating is up to 30 people, 20 inside the restaurant and 10 in the patio, open 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm, open for breakfast, they serve toast, hash brown and eggs for only $2:99 and breakfast is served all day.

Located at 3136 Main Street in Vancouver, eat in or take out, 10% off for take out orders, give them a call at 604-872-3444 or visit their website at or email them at,  check them out on face book too.