Donald Trump

Washington: Seven in 10 American women aged between 18 and 35 years old are dissatisfied or angry about the Donald Trump’s presidency, the highest percentage of any age group of women in the US, according to a poll released on Monday.

Only 9 per cent of them say they are happy with Trump in the White House, Xinhua quoted a CBS News-Refinery29 survey as saying.

Among this woman age group, 53 per cent think Trump’s policies have mostly hurt women, while 70 per cent feel their rights and liberties are being threatened rather than protected by what’s going on in Washington.

By more than three to one, younger women prefer the Democratic Party win control of Congress. More of these women identify as Democrats than Republicans in the first place, the poll showed.

However, it isn’t certain that many of them will turn out, the poll revealed, citing this women age group is the least likely of any age group to say they will definitely vote in the 2018 midterm election: only 30 per cent say they definitely will, far lower than among older women (76 per cent say they will vote).

The top reason of these women who say they may not vote this year is not being interested in politics and elections (31 per cent), followed by not feeling like their vote matters (19 per cent), not liking the candidates running (14 per cent), and being too busy (14 per cent).

The survey is conducted by YouGov which interviewed 2,093 US female adults online between July 26 and 30.