It’s not always easy to embrace game changing improvements in computer technology.  And this is especially true for the Cloud!

With more and more people and organizations accessing the Internet the way business is done is naturally evolving as well. An example of this is the emergence of cloud computing services.

Remember the days of the VHS camera that was so big that it had to sit on your shoulder? Or the music industry …music came on vinyl discs and would be played on a turntable. Then came 8 tracks, then cassette tapes, and then compact disks (CDs).

Computers are another technology that has drastically changed. Starting out as a single unit taking up an entire room, to the tablet devices that sit in the palm of your hand.

Few things can tie up a small-business owner’s time and resources like technology can. The good news is that technology continues to change and each new generation seems to have better and more efficient ways of doing things. Cloud computing is no exception.

One of the best ways to understand how cloud computing works and why it’s gaining in popularity is to compare it to the way electricity is purchased and used. In the early 1800’s, before electricity was delivered as service, manufacturing plants – or companies – had to generate their own electricity to run their factories and would need huge generators built onsite. Those generators cost a lot of money to build and a lot of money to maintain, but that was the only option at the time.
Fast forward several years after the concept of electricity as a utility was introduced (thank you Thomas Edison), manufacturers didn’t have to be in the power-generation business anymore. They could run their factories and machines with electricity generated by distant power plants delivered by utility companies.


High Speed Internet is the “Electricity” of the 21st Century

What we’re seeing now with “cloud computing” is essentially the same thing. Instead of businesses having to incur the cost and hassle of installing and supporting a complex structure of servers and workstations onsite, they are outsourcing “IT” to the cloud.

Small businesses all over North America are trading in their outdated traditional computer networks for the efficiency, flexibility and lower costs of Cloud Computing. With Cloud Computing you never have to purchase and maintain complex computer equipment ever again. By staying ahead of your competition you avoid the risk of being out-computed by rivals who get there first.

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