Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

Reality TV is full of shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” We all have talents, but it’s often difficult to bring them to work in a profitable and fulfilling way. While many people feel underemployed, they don’t have to be bored at work.

Identify your Skills, Habits, and Beliefs

What are you good at? Make a list of at least ten skills. Setting that specific number will help you to reach up to the attic and bring down some forgotten talents.

What type of behaviors do you engage in that implement your skills? If you’re musical, do you attend a community jam session every weekend? What are your beliefs and values? Many times your skills and behaviors are tied into your moral identity. For example, if you attend a weekly jam session, that might indicate a strong belief in the value of community, friendship, and sharing.

Look For Areas of Work that Can Utilize Your Skills

Examine the range of what you do at work, and the general context of what goes on at the office. Are you an excellent writer with a penchant for reading autobiographies? Consider offering to compose a group email highlighting one employee every week. This is a fun, inspirational, and team-building endeavor that many employers would love to see in the workplace.

Meet with your manager or boss, and share your list of skills with them. Ask them if there are any areas of the company where you can utilize your skills, and they will appreciate your proactive enthusiasm. Coworkers might also have ideas about implementing your skills at work.

Think Outside the Box

Maybe some of your skills will not directly lead to a raise, but they might solidify your standing at the company, and open up doors you did not expect. Do you enjoy baking? Try bringing in some of your baked goods. A coworker may hire you for a birthday party and spread the word. Do you enjoy painting? Giving back to the community through some volunteering will look great on your resume, and improve the company image.

Continue Your Education

Whatever your talents are use them, don’t lose them. Talk to friends and mentors about ways to bring your skill sets into your professional development. Most people change jobs every few years, so next time you switch employers, you might find yourself in a new position utilizing the things you’ve always loved to do.

Your Take Away

Remember that opportunities don’t just happen by accident, you create them. Brainstorm all of the ways that you can think of to tap into your talents – you may just surprise yourself!

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