Langley: While many motorists are under the impression that distracted driving is a

thing of the past, over the month of February, Langley RCMP issued 702 violation

tickets for this offence alone!  February was designated as Distracted Driver’s month

and Langley Traffic Section focused their efforts on this offence through various

enforcement initiatives.

Officers have been in unmarked cars and employed innovative ways to identify

individuals in violation of the legislation.  Officer’s focused their efforts at intersections in

the Langley’s where we are seeing a high number of collisions.

Leanne CASSAP, ICBC’s road safety coordinator for Langley said, “Distracted driving

is a common cause of rear-ended crashes and injuries – there is no safe following

distance when your full attention is not on the road.”  30% of all fatalities in the Lower

Mainland are related to Distracted Driving!

The legislation came into force on January 1st

• drivers cannot send or read emails or text messages;

• drivers cannot make or take calls unless using a hands-free device;

• drivers cannot hold or operate any electronic device;

• learners and novice drivers or graduated license holders (GLH), cannot operate

handheld or hands-free devices.

“Using” an electronic device includes:

• holding the device;

• operating one of its functions (i.e. pressing buttons);

• talking on the device;

• watching the device.

“Electronic devices” include:

• cell phones, Blackberry, and other handheld devices that have telephone capabilities

and/or on which you can send text messages or e-mails;

• I-Pods and other audio players;

• GPS systems;

• Hand microphones;

• Televisions.

PLEASE NOTE: You may not use or hold your electronic device while stopped at an

intersection, whether it be a red light or stop sign, etc.

Violation Tickets and Fines

Graduated license holders who cannot use any electronic device within the meaning of

the legislation will receive a violation ticket with a specified penalty of $167 dollars and 3

penalty points will be assessed to their driver’s license.

Drivers using an electronic device that is not allowed by the legislation but does not

involve emailing or texting (i.e. talking on a cell phone)

– $167 dollars and no penalty points.

Drivers using an electronic device to communicate with another person or another

device by email or other text based message, or by dialing –

– $167 dollars and 3 penalty points.