Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

Vancouver: Located at the corner of Granville Street and 11th Avenue in Vancouver is Rangoli restaurant.  Rangoli meaning painted prayers of India.  This establishment reflect the characteristics of the ultimate in luxury and sophistication eatery.  Service is first class.  The physical attributes and design elements are extraordinary in every manner.  This is not your typical Indian restaurant or a typical Indian meal.

The fundamental hallmarks of this level are to meticulously serve and exceed all customers expectation while maintaining an impeccable standard of excellence Many personalized services enhance an unmatched level of comfort in dinning, and for the same reason the line-up outside this restaurant gets bigger and bigger every time one plans to go out and dine, tell me honestly how many Indian restaurants you know that have to wait up to two hours to even get seated?

rangoli restaurant 1rangoli restaurant 2They provide top of the line customer service with no-frills or gimmicks, this is called the Indian lovers cuisines of the 21st century, meaning if you are in a hurry and you want to quickly grab some curries which are freshly prepared and pre packaged in the cooler, all you have to do to is pick up your favourite curries, rotis or naans, pickles and create your own homemade Indian food and enjoy these dishes in the comfort of your own home.  Remember this is not a take out order where you call and place an order; these are like food ready to go with instructions how to warm up and all the ingredients. All the spices, all the bean salads are sprouted daily in their kitchen on daily basis.  The owner Vikram Vij who was born in Punjab and raised in Bombay has started working at two well known restaurants which is Bishops and Raincity Grill, before starting his own business in 1994.  Since him and his wife Meenu got into this business they never looked back.  They owned the Vijs and next to Vijs is Rangoli, which is only open for lunch and appetizers.

rangoli restaurant 6 rangoli restaurant 12The Newest addition to Vij’s line of restaurant is in South Surrey called My Shanti, which I haven’t been there yet, but looking to go and try out their dishes, for what I know from eating at these two restaurants, I am convinced that it will be top of line cuisine, and also if you know the owner Vij it will be second to none, he is very creative and polished chef.

This award winning eatery has won many many awards, and if you want to know what’s good in here, everything…. Only thing is if you have patience or have time to stand in the line-up.    Located at 1488 West 11th Avenue in Vancouver, or call them at 604 736-5711. Fully licensed, and is vegetarian friendly and they also do catering.

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